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Born to the mean streets of Stoke on Trent, Dominic is now an economic immigrant in the Manchester area; living in a box in Stockport and jumping around various temp jobs which range in excitement from typing address information for the Royal Mail, through typing Census forms, all the way up to typing railway station surveys.

When he can clear his mind of postcode information and defective platform copers, he writes stories in genres including horror, humour and erotica- typically depending on what mood he’s in, and his total career earnings thus far amount to 33 US Dollars, for which he is very grateful.

Dominic also writes about himself in the third person for no apparent reason.

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…for one day at least. Having spent two weeks designing a Monopoly board for Deviant Art, I was delighted to find that it had been featured as a Daily Deviation (one of about a dozen pieces DA selects to put on their front page), meaning I came back from work to find out that it received 12,000 hits and several hundred comments! Check it out in its native environment here.

More good news is that I have two stories coming up for publication; Yappy the Happy Squirrel is featuring in the Bizarro horror anthology Tall Tales With Short Cocks (oh, yes…), while Triangles is due to appear later in the month in erotic e-zine Oysters and Chocolate.

Aside from creative stuff, I have a new job! I’m now a report writer for a railway maintenance company (which is a lot better than it sounds- really…) and, I’ve recently had my first drink since February having given up booze and Facebook for Lent. I should really do this more often- it’s been quite an eventful forty days!

Much Love,