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No More Chairs: A Monday Night Group Anthology

ImageNo More Chairs is an Anthology from Manchester’s famous Monday Night group, featuring some of the most promising up and coming writers in the North of England- and even one poem from me…

The anthology is an everything-goes collection featuring poetry, short-stories and several pieces inbetween. It has been described on Amazon, variously as:

” Vibrant, well written, interesting and thought provoking.”,

“A very diverse collection of short stories and poems from Northern writers.” and

“Alternately challenging, beautiful, funny, enlightening and disturbing. Well worth a read if you want an idea of what’s going on in Manchester writing at the moment. ”

No More Chairs is available as an ebook on Smashwords and Amazon for about £2 / $3.

For more information about the Monday Night Group, try the website or Facebook Group.




Oh, the (Bizarro) Horror…

ImageExciting news as Yappy The Happy Squirrel scurries its way into the newly released Bizarro Press anthology, Tall Tales With Short Cocks– available for a limited time only for 77p or $1.22- whichever you prefer. It promises “Zombies, clockworks, and rabies-infected assholes!” What’s not to like? ☭

Story Listing (as described by Arthur Graham)

HELP! MY ASS HAS RABIES! by Adam Millard
Dead Alive meets The X-Files at McDonald’s. Would you like rabies with that?

In this clever retelling of the Hemingway classic, Harry is an even bigger jerk in death than he was in life.

ZEITGEIST by Arthur Graham
A satirical romp through the catacombs of cable television.

IN THE FLESH by John McNee
Steampunk noir with a twist of horror.

I AM A WHALE by Robin Wyatt Dunn
A prose poem from the perspective of an omniscient, omnipotent, thoroughly misunderstood sea creature.

What adventures (and misadventures) await within the Happy Squirrel Sanctuary Mansion?

MOUSETRAP by Wol-vriey
Betty Blake must save her family from a curious pest, but at what cost?

THE NIGHT OF THE WALRUS by Gabino Iglesias
Odd pals Woogie and Odobie have a singing cat, a baby gangster, and a telepathic toaster to contend with in this dark, coke-fueled caper.

REGRESSIVE by Nathan J.D.L. Rowark
If you thought Viagra was bad, wait until your grandpa gets a dose of bear DNA…

Edited by Etienne DeForest