Things to Read

book lineupTriangles and Reunion
2014, ebook, smashwords free
erotica, short stories

A couple of short smutty stories. Triangles features a maths student determined to get her own back on the woman who stole her man, while Reunion sees Stacey lumbered with the rowdy and over-sexed women she never liked in the first place. Also features a chapter from Shadowed. Triangles was originally published in Oysters and Chocolate ezine and is- I’m willing to put money on this- the only erotic short story ever that required three hours of research into trigonometry to write.

Masks (Love Poem for a Damp Bank Holiday Monday)
romance, humour
Features in No More Chairs: A Monday Night Group Anthology
Carnforth Press, 2014, paper/ ebook, Amazon UK £3.67

The Monday Night Group is, to quote from its Facebook page, “Quite simply the best writing group happening on a Monday night anywhere within two hundred metres of Manchester town hall.” This anthology comes from deep within its bowels and features a wide-range of stories and poetry from some of the best indie and up-and-coming writers in the north of England. Papers copies are also available (I’m pretty sure of this, as I have one right next to me)- Christ knows where from, though.

Witches and Bandits and Swords (Oh My)
2013, ebook, Smashwords $0.99, Amazon US $0.99, Amazon UK £0.99
humour, fantasy

At 21,000 words, this fantasy choose your own adventure book wasn’t long enough for a real publisher, but it’s still done quite well for itself, being shortlisted for the Big Al’s Books and Pals 2014 Reader’s Choice Fantasy Award. They said:

“So much fun, prepare to have a big grin on your face.” Five stars.

Go on, show it some love. At $0.99 you can’t go wrong.

horror, erotica
2013, ebook, Smashwords $2.99, Amazon UK £2.23, Amazon US $2.99

“A new life in the Scottish Highlands finds Karin caught in a web of secrets, betrayal and dark temptation.”

My debut novel, set during both the modern day and during the time of the HIghland Clearances contains shape-shifting wolves, locals with mysterious loyalties and all manner of things that go bump in the night.

Yappy The Happy Squirrel
humour, bizarro horror
Features in Tall Tales with Short Cocks
Bizarro Press (now Rooster Republic), 2012, Amazon: paper £6.19/ ebook £2.18

The first anthology from a Texan publishing house that has gone from strength to strength. Check out their website if you want a Rooster Republic hip flask, thong or dog hoodie. If that doesn’t give you a clue what to expect from this anthology, then nothing will. My own contribution- a story of three friends exploring a squirrel sanctuary to bring down the war machine of a giant neo-nazi squirrel- is one of the less far out plotlines.

Blue Moon
Curious Volumes (now defunct)

Now lost to the midsts of time, Blue Moon was still the first thing that someone actually gave me money for (I still have the cheque, which shows you just how much money). It stars a powerful and deadly urban witch called Molly who just wants to make life better for everyone; whether they like it or not. I will post it, as soon as I can find what on earth I’ve done with it…

Other stories, poems, snippets… and even some arty things are available on deviant Art.


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