Shadowed (An Erotic Horror Novel) By Dominic O’Reilly

Karin is a lucky woman. She’s found the chance to start her life afresh in a perfect home with a perfect job, and all by pure coincidence. Or so she thinks.

Away from the stifling drama of her old city life, she can relax in the eighteenth century mansion’s office, which overlooks both loch and mountain, through the luxuriant forest that surrounds her small village in the Scottish Highlands, while the friendly locals do all they can to make her feel at home.

But as the nights get longer, she soon discovers that the forest contains more than she’d ever wanted to imagine, and why the villagers keeps their doors locked and curtains drawn against the strange creatures that come out at night; prowling, hunting, killing.

As events become ever more sinister, Karin finds herself caught up in a web of secrets, betrayal and dark temptation. In order to save her very body and soul, she must choose her loyalties with caution, and solve a mystery spanning the centuries before it’s too late.

And hope that her luck doesn’t run out.

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Cover Image Photographer: Marion Skydancer

Cover Model: Renee King


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Born to the mean streets of Stoke on Trent, Dominic is now an economic immigrant in the Manchester area; living in a box in Stockport and jumping around various temp jobs which range in excitement from typing address information for the Royal Mail, through typing Census forms, all the way up to typing railway station surveys.

When he can clear his mind of postcode information and defective platform copers, he writes stories in genres including horror, humour and erotica- typically depending on what mood he’s in, and his total career earnings thus far amount to 33 US Dollars, for which he is very grateful.

Dominic also writes about himself in the third person for no apparent reason.

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Oh, the (Bizarro) Horror…

ImageExciting news as Yappy The Happy Squirrel scurries its way into the newly released Bizarro Press anthology, Tall Tales With Short Cocks– available for a limited time only for 77p or $1.22- whichever you prefer. It promises “Zombies, clockworks, and rabies-infected assholes!” What’s not to like? ☭

Story Listing (as described by Arthur Graham)

HELP! MY ASS HAS RABIES! by Adam Millard
Dead Alive meets The X-Files at McDonald’s. Would you like rabies with that?

In this clever retelling of the Hemingway classic, Harry is an even bigger jerk in death than he was in life.

ZEITGEIST by Arthur Graham
A satirical romp through the catacombs of cable television.

IN THE FLESH by John McNee
Steampunk noir with a twist of horror.

I AM A WHALE by Robin Wyatt Dunn
A prose poem from the perspective of an omniscient, omnipotent, thoroughly misunderstood sea creature.

What adventures (and misadventures) await within the Happy Squirrel Sanctuary Mansion?

MOUSETRAP by Wol-vriey
Betty Blake must save her family from a curious pest, but at what cost?

THE NIGHT OF THE WALRUS by Gabino Iglesias
Odd pals Woogie and Odobie have a singing cat, a baby gangster, and a telepathic toaster to contend with in this dark, coke-fueled caper.

REGRESSIVE by Nathan J.D.L. Rowark
If you thought Viagra was bad, wait until your grandpa gets a dose of bear DNA…

Edited by Etienne DeForest



…for one day at least. Having spent two weeks designing a Monopoly board for Deviant Art, I was delighted to find that it had been featured as a Daily Deviation (one of about a dozen pieces DA selects to put on their front page), meaning I came back from work to find out that it received 12,000 hits and several hundred comments! Check it out in its native environment here.

More good news is that I have two stories coming up for publication; Yappy the Happy Squirrel is featuring in the Bizarro horror anthology Tall Tales With Short Cocks (oh, yes…), while Triangles is due to appear later in the month in erotic e-zine Oysters and Chocolate.

Aside from creative stuff, I have a new job! I’m now a report writer for a railway maintenance company (which is a lot better than it sounds- really…) and, I’ve recently had my first drink since February having given up booze and Facebook for Lent. I should really do this more often- it’s been quite an eventful forty days!

Much Love,


Lucky you…

…you’ve stumbled upon my fun and exciting new WordPress page. At least it might be in the future. You know, if I actually get round to adding fun and exciting things. In the meantime, I may as well introduce myself. I’m Dom and I write stuff. Lots of different stuff, from horror to humour to erotica, as well as doing the odd bit of photography and messing about on GIMP (not as dodgy as it sounds, I promise you).

Only problem is, I haven’t written much for a while now- my two published stories were both back in 2008; one published by the now defunct Curious Volumes horror label, while Secret Meadow went to women’s erotic e-zine Oysters and Chocolate giving me a total career earning $13, which is enough for a decent take-away, although I’m convinced Paypal were screwing me over the dollar/pound exchange rate.

Ranting aside, I’m now trying to get back into the swing of things. So please come join me on the journey through the depths of the human soul, the highs of great elation and some complete bizareness along the way. It promises to be a long one… as I’m still trying to figure out WordPress…

Peace and Love,


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