Chapter excerpt from Shadowed

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Warning: sexually explicit content

Sometimes beauty can be waiting for you at every turn, considered Amy, but like a steady friend or lover, it can be so habitual that you might go for weeks without properly appreciating it. Her own routine of working in the pub and the constant fear of the future had conspired to blind her to her surroundings. Now, with the worst apparently over, she felt strangely liberated and a wave of serenity washed over her as she sat on a grassy slope by the loch. The nights were getting longer and an orange-tinged evening sun had already arrived and glistened off the still water, basking the woodlands in a warm glow. Stuart, who had gone off to gather wood, had decided that this would be a good spot to bed down for the night and, as Amy took in the balmy forest smells and the pleasant birdsong, she felt that she’d be content to live here once they were rich and this whole mess had been sorted out.

Duncan was sat beside her, paying less attention to the loch than to the loot, which he’d unwrapped from the makeshift duvet bundle and was now currently rifling through. Amy turned to see jewellery, candelabras and various other trinkets glisten in the sun, and felt a secret sense of admiration for the boy’s abilities. If only she’d had his skill when she’d been playing for the old Chieftain she could have a mansion of her own by now. It was the duvet that interested her at present and, against Duncan’s protests, she pulled it from its position underneath the precious contents, spilling most of them on to the grass.
“For God’s sake!” he said, but with no consequence. Amy had already rolled it out on the floor and laid down on it; the thick feathers inside the blanket feeling sumptuous beneath her body. If this was how the high and mighty lived, she felt she could get used to it. What the high and mighty probably weren’t used to, though, was having the thing dragged from underneath them by a slightly annoyed cowherd.
“Piss off.” said Amy, grabbing the boy’s wrists.
“Need to get everything together.” he grumbled, pulling out of her grasp.
“Shut up.” said Amy, “Come and lie down. Won’t be long ’til sunset.” Amy attempted a wide-eyed look of pleading but her friend merely kept his eyes down and muttered something that seemed to indicate that the sunset could take a running jump. For all her optimism in the future, the orange sky reminded Amy of her own pub up in flames and the memories that had overwhelmed her mind. Amy was optimistic but the nagging feeling wouldn’t entirely go. The feeling that, maybe all her hope was just a fragile bridge that could fall apart into a sea of insanity and despair at any moment. Or perhaps it’s up to you to create your own memories. Maybe life will sort itself out and all you can do is live in the present. As Duncan went on collecting the fallen treasures, Amy decided to seize the moment. Getting up only slightly, she wrapped one arm around his stomach and pulled him on top of her so that his face was only a few inches from her own.
“…sort stuff out,” he muttered, “need to…” as he began to get up, Amy rested her finger on his lips, and clamped her thighs around Duncan’s waist. To the girl’s amusement, the boy tried squirming away from her. She responded by increasing the pressure and grinned as she looked into her friend’s green eyes.
“What kind of stuff do you need to sort out?” she taunted, tightening and relaxing her legs rhythmically, feeling the boy’s lean arse against her calves.
“Amy, we’re not safe here. You know that, and Stuart could-“, but his words faded as Amy felt the boy harden, his penis pushing at the skin beneath her vagina, begging to be set free, but the girl held him in place. Duncan reddened and his eyes now gazed into the girl’s own, all else forgotten. When Amy did avert her eyes, it was just to see Duncan moisten his lips. As she looked back, his lips were on hers and she closed her eyes, feeling his tongue caress and tease her own, his whole body now right on top of her, blending the dewy scent of the grass with his musk, and his attempts to enter her, which she wasn’t allowing, even as she moistened and wanted the boy inside her right now. Like the loch, and the surrounding beauty, Amy could sometimes take her friend for granted, but now she was intensely thankful that he was right here, on top of her. That still didn’t mean Amy would go down without a fight, besides, he was so cute when she made him beg.

As if recovering from a trance, Amy removed her lips and grabbed the boy’s arms. She rolled him over so that his back was at the edge of the duvet and, before he could react, stripped him of his tunic, to reveal a toned, slender body that basked in the sun. Amy was above the boy on all fours, her legs weighted down against his, and her hands gripping onto Duncan’s biceps. Karin had a good view from her position here and she glanced from Duncan’s eyes to his hairless chest, to his well-muscled stomach, to his erect cock which pointed up to his slitted naval. She wanted to be close to him for, what a well-hidden part of her thought could well be the final time. That thought could wait, though, and now she looked back into his cute face with its red tinged cheeks. Duncan didn’t return the favour and kept trying to get free from her grip. It’s a bitch being controlled, Amy smiled. All she had to do was wait and it wasn’t long before Duncan gave up. He wordlessly looked into her eyes with a comically disgruntled expression, although his penis was still looking far from relaxed. Amy let the torture go on for a few more seconds, simply returning the boy’s gaze with her own smile and then relaxed the grip of her hands, which she slid across to his chest. She slowly massaged him, her hands moving down Duncan’s naked body in what she calculated to be as teasingly agonising as possible. When she reached the bottom of the boy’s tense stomach, she looked down at his erection and stopped. Duncan grunted in frustration and the girl laughed. She moved her body upwards so that she kneeling on her friend and gripped the hemline of her green tunic dress. The piles of gold scattered about her made her imagine she’d soon be wearing something much better. She lifted it slowly and saw the boy look hungrily at her thighs, then her moist sex, then she pulled it over her head so her naked body was exposed to the light breeze and orange tinged from the sunset. All she wore was the wolf pendant.

She enjoyed the way her lover looked at her as she’d done to him and, when it looked like he couldn’t control himself any more, and would get up from his position even if he had to fling Amy off, she sat down, transferring all her weight to the boy’s stomach. She shuffled up his body until she could only see the boy’s eyes and could feel his tender lips against the mound of her vagina. She’d trained Duncan well, and his tongue came out to penetrate her outer lips and slowly glide against her, from bottom to top. Stuart went on, alternating between kissing her lips and flitting his tongue across the girl’s clit which forced Amy to quickly intake her breath and she found her hips automatically rising and falling to respond to the boy’s strokes. Very slowly, Amy turned her body around half circle, careful to make sure that Duncan didn’t lose his place, until she could see her friend’s naked body from the opposite end.

With her friend’s penis right in front of her, Amy decided that the time for teasing was over, not that she could have helped herself if she’d wanted. The boy’s tongue had almost completely sapped her will power and his hands were now on her breasts, circling her hardened nipples. Amy reached out and took the boy in her hand. With her right, she slowly slid up Duncan’s hardness and she cupped his balls with her left, lightly rubbing them with her fingertips. Bringing her mouth down, she licked around the head of his penis, bringing a groan from the boy. As she continued to caress his shaft, she moistened her lips and brought them down tightly over the tip of his cock. When he was inside her, she circled him with her tongue and began the process again. She tried to, anyway, but she realised there wasn’t much more she could take. Despite Duncan’s tongue snaking greedily around her vagina and his hands fondling her breasts, she summoned all her willpower and rose up. She turned around and sat on his hips with such speed that he hadn’t even brought his arms down as she guided his penis into her vagina.

Again, she looked into Duncan’s eyes, not with any teasing or triumph, but with the look of two people who’d been lovers for a long time and friends forever, as they made their way towards climax. Amy now rode the boy, feeling his sex filling her inside. She tried to begin slowly but couldn’t, and her hips rose and dropped as quickly as she could make them. She tried to capture the moment as best she could, as if she could make this last forever: the boy’s gorgeous slim body, the sun and gentle breeze caressing her breasts. Out of the corner of her eye, Amy thought she saw the light glisten off something, but it didn’t matter as her body tingled all over and she began to sigh. She rode the boy for all she was worth and cried out in ecstasy, Duncan was thrusting from beneath her too and, as she reached climax, she felt his orgasm inside her vagina and the boy groaned pleasantly.

As if working automatically, Amy could only slow her pace until she stopped. When she’d finally pulled out, she lowered her body against Duncan’s and squeezed him, wanting him always to be there. She looked at his face hoping that the feeling was mutual, but her heart quickened as she saw Duncan wasn’t looking at her at all. His face didn’t hold love, but a fear that sent a chill through Amy. A loud cheer came from nearby, slicing through the birdsong that had been their background music. It was a cheer laced with mocking and cruelty, and Amy turned to see a dozen men in kilts spreading out in a flanking formation, as if to cut off all exits around the water. They were all armed. Some with swords, others with axes. The weapons weren’t the decorative ones that used to hang on the walls in the old Chieftain’s mansion; all artfully crafted and polished to a shine. These were weapons that looked like they’d never seen polish. The swords were uneven and in some cases, warped, while the axes weren’t the kind with two flat, round edged blades that look so striking on coats of arms, but the agricultural kind with stubby heads that peasants use to break up hard earth. If anything, this made Amy feel worse. The purpose of these weapons wasn’t to look pretty. It was to kill.
“Any left for me, love?” The sneering voice came from a malevolent patchwork of a face with wild red hair and glistening blue eyes that sent chills through Amy’s body. Despite the warmth of Duncan, she was now feeling cold and afraid.
“Ah guess that’s a no,” he said after a pause, to some sycophantic laughter from his men, “well, nevermind. Looks like we got the good Baron’s treasure. Plus a wee bit for ourselves, ay lads? He won’t mind what he don’t ken. You two, on yer feet. Ye’ve got yourselves a date with the smarmy cunt himself. Bet he’ll be dying to see you.”
The pair slowly rose, with Amy using her hands and arms to try to conceal whatever remained of her modesty. Duncan seemed to be less ashamed and he surprised Amy by giving her a big hug. His hands reaching around her back and then her neck.
“Duncan?” she said, uncertainly. But Duncan was walking towards the treasure, with the guards seemingly as baffled as Amy was. It wasn’t the treasure that he was after though, and he picked up his shepherd’s stick.
“Duncan, no!” Amy yelled. The mercenaries had gone from being inquisitive to acting. The ginger haired leader who’d addressed Amy made a couple of hand gestures, and three of the men detached themselves from the line and approached the boy. Their weapons weren’t raised. After all, what could this skinny naked kid do to them? But each looked alert and serious. Amy felt hopelessness but also a sense of curiosity. Duncan held the stick with both hands, but not as a weapon. As the men came closer, Duncan began whirling the stick around himself and then threw it into the woods. It didn’t hit any of soldiers, nor came near to doing so. The men turned back to their leader who simply sighed. He had the look of a man who’d had a tough day and would tolerate some bizarreness as long as there would be no more.
“Just grab them,” he said.

© Dominic O’Reilly


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