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Krunchy Fried Games

Wow, it’s been a long time since I updated this. Don’t worry though, I haven’t been permanently sitting on my arse for the last year. The main project has been the ongoing saga of turning Witches and Bandits and Swords (Oh My) into a free video game. The bad news is that my previous programmer didn’t really do anything so we went our separate ways. The good news is that Michael Maiden- my old workmate and a regular beer/ pool pal offered to step in, learning Unity coding from scratch.

Lots and lots (and lots) of effort has been spent on this so far, including a 12 second animation I spent approximately forever on, begging people on Newgrounds and dA for assets, and having lots of fun mixing sound effects on Audacity- ‘Muffled Market Sounds with Quietened Seagulls’ being a favourtie of mine). Not easy to combine with a full time job but we’re about 90% done. Crucially, we’ve found a name we both like, and I’ve recently set up a whole plethora of Krunchy Fried Games social media things, so please visit / follow us on:


Your friend and humble narrator posing pensively for a picture…

Wix Landing Page




Patreon (I live in hope)

…and some others too, although if I’m anything like as good at updating them as I am this WordPress blog, you’ll get the next updates in about 2019.

Still- it’s a very exciting time- not least as I’m in the process of buying my first house- in the ‘cosmopolitan’ area of Longsight in Manchester. I’m sure it’ll all go great. I might even have some time for writing again one of these days…