All New Writing Resources and Links Section

Links‘Links’ photos courtesy of Faestock. The bad pun is all my own work.

I’ve been meaning to update this for ages and now… here it is (ta da!). I won’t lie to you, this is mainly for my benefit but, if you enjoy reading or writing (and, if not, why on earth are you here?), then you should find some of these useful. If you spot any broken links or have any suggestions for new sites, then please drop me a message.

For the rest of this section, please click here or on the ‘Resources and Links’ button at the top.


It’s been a while since I’ve posted on here but, with two new short stories drafted, and a second choose your own adventure ebook on the way (look out for it in 2025, if my usual productivity levels are anything to go by), I thought I’d sit down to spend several hours swearing at WordPress and its seemingly arbritary menu system until it finally does some vague approximation of what I actually want it to.This is my general approach to all creative work, really- I always get there in the end.

So, all the menu sections are new (please check out the updated ‘things to read’ list) and I’ve changed the header to something less crap (I know all the technical terms). Feel free to have a mooch round. I’ll stand behind you at a polite distance and point things out here and there. Why not also follow the blog and/ or say hello? Go on, you know you want to…

Peace and Love,


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