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Free Smashwords Smut

R&T SmashwordsTriangles,

All Alison wants to do is solve her math problem. Oh, that and get with the hottest guy in her college dorms. Unfortunately, the stunning Charlotte has other ideas, and doesn’t tire of using her conquest of the man as a weapon of torment.

Alone in front of Charlotte’s unlocked door one evening, Alison hatches a plan for revenge.

And finds herself learning more than she’d expected.


Triangles was originally published in Oysters and Chocolate, earning me the princely sum of $10. So far as I’m aware, it remains the only erotic short story to require three hours of trigonometry research in order to get the details right! Since Oysters and Chocolate ended as a website, I’ve been after a good home for it, so I’m giving it away on Smashwords along with Reunion and an excerpt from Shadowed. Hope you enjoy this collection of playful, sexy smut. And even if you don’t, then, well it is free…