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Happy New Year!


Happy New Year!

 And, hopefully, a new start. Since my job ran out in December I’ve pretty much just been relaxing and visiting my family in Stoke for Christmas. Now it’s January, I should really get on with stuff,

 Hasn’t been a bad 2012 really. As well as having a short story published in paperback for the first time ever (‘Yappy the Happy Squirrel‘ as part of the Bizarro Press compilation ‘Tall Tales With Short Cocks‘), I got a Daily Deviation for dA Monopoly and released my first novel, ‘Shadowed’ (available on Amazon or as a free chapter extract) which has sold steadily, if not spectacularly. Still, it’s all part of the learning process.

 For 2013, I’m hoping to release a free Kindle book of a fantasy game project which I started a while back, and am now getting through at an unusually fast pace. Apart from that, I’m trying to concentrate on giving myself a set routine to write stuff, be more active on Deviant Art, sort my blog out, advertise etc. I’ll probably also need another one of those ‘job’ things before I run out of money- even though they just get in the way of more important stuff like writing! Hope you’re well.

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