Shadowed (An Erotic Horror Novel) By Dominic O’Reilly

Karin is a lucky woman. She’s found the chance to start her life afresh in a perfect home with a perfect job, and all by pure coincidence. Or so she thinks.

Away from the stifling drama of her old city life, she can relax in the eighteenth century mansion’s office, which overlooks both loch and mountain, through the luxuriant forest that surrounds her small village in the Scottish Highlands, while the friendly locals do all they can to make her feel at home.

But as the nights get longer, she soon discovers that the forest contains more than she’d ever wanted to imagine, and why the villagers keeps their doors locked and curtains drawn against the strange creatures that come out at night; prowling, hunting, killing.

As events become ever more sinister, Karin finds herself caught up in a web of secrets, betrayal and dark temptation. In order to save her very body and soul, she must choose her loyalties with caution, and solve a mystery spanning the centuries before it’s too late.

And hope that her luck doesn’t run out.

Free Chapter Excerpt Here

Now Available on Kindle for $2.99 at Amazon (US) or £1.92 from Amazon (UK)

Cover Image Photographer: Marion Skydancer

Cover Model: Renee King


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