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Lucky you…

…you’ve stumbled upon my fun and exciting new WordPress page. At least it might be in the future. You know, if I actually get round to adding fun and exciting things. In the meantime, I may as well introduce myself. I’m Dom and I write stuff. Lots of different stuff, from horror to humour to erotica, as well as doing the odd bit of photography and messing about on GIMP (not as dodgy as it sounds, I promise you).

Only problem is, I haven’t written much for a while now- my two published stories were both back in 2008; one published by the now defunct Curious Volumes horror label, while Secret Meadow went to women’s erotic e-zine Oysters and Chocolate giving me a total career earning $13, which is enough for a decent take-away, although I’m convinced Paypal were screwing me over the dollar/pound exchange rate.

Ranting aside, I’m now trying to get back into the swing of things. So please come join me on the journey through the depths of the human soul, the highs of great elation and some complete bizareness along the way. It promises to be a long one… as I’m still trying to figure out WordPress…

Peace and Love,


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